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What configuration settings are required to play Blu-ray disks?


Blu-ray discs in MediaPortal use many of the settings for[ DVD Discs/Images|DVD Discs/Images] such as Autoplay settings when you insert a disc, Virtual Drive settings, etc.

However, there are some settings unique for Blu-rays:

  • Region codes - are set by the player software rather than the drive properties in WIndows
  • Subtitles - Blu-ray uses a different standard for subtitles than DVD
  • Codecs - you may select different codecs for Blu-ray playback such as Hardware Acceleration option (see below) in LAV Video (this option is required to playback VC-1 interlaced video with LAV).

General Tab

Let's start with the General tab of the Blu-ray section in the MediaPortal Configuration:

Blu-ray region code:

Here you select the region you live in (or the region of your Blu-ray discs). The colors in the world map should give you an idea what setting you should choose here. The Default setting is Region B.

Parental control age limit:

If you wish, you may set an age limit to control access to Blu-rays. Default setting is 99.

Internal Blu-ray Player

When the option is checked, Blu-ray discs will be played by the internal Blu-ray menu player.

When the option is disabled, MediaPortal will try to play Blu-ray discs using a splitter that can handle the Blu-ray file system (for example LAV Splitter).

Audio & Subtitles

The Audio & Subtitles tab lets you set your preferred Audio and Subtitle Language. You can also select the preferred Audio Type here. If the selected Audio Type isn't available on your disc, the first Audio Stream on the disc will be used.

Note: Audio Type selection ONLY works in Title Mode (for now)!


When you're done with the above settings, don't forget to set up the Codecs and Renderer you want to use for Blu-ray playback. You can set up the Codecs and Renderer on the Blu-ray Codecs tab which you'll find in the Codecs and Renderer section in MediaPortal configuration.

If you run into other issues while trying to playback a Blu-ray disc, please make sure you've read the Limitations on the Native Blu-ray Support Wiki page!






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