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This section provides information for Developers, Testers and MediaPortal Users about the MediaPortal Source Code on GitHub and how to setup your system, get the source code and compile and build MediaPortal.


In order to reduce the size of the MediaPortal Git repository and simplify merging branches and testing, C++ sourced binaries have been removed from the repository as of April, 2013, .

This change affects the way in which you setup your system to compile and build MediaPortal:

This guide is written for anyone who wants access to our MediaPortal source code repository to compile and build individual branches for testing or development, using either Windows 7 or Windows 8. . 

Source Code

As of MediaPortal version 1.2.2, the Source Code has moved from Google Code to GitHub.

.: MediaPortal 1 Source Code :.

.: MediaPortal 2 Source Code :.

How to proceed?

First you should have a basic understand of Git - see GitHub Help

For an understanding of the structure of our MediaPortal Git Repository, see the FAQ: Git Structure.

Setup your system

You must download, install and configure the software required to access the MediaPortal Git Repository, as well as to compile and build MediaPortal.  See: Build prerequisites for details.

Get the source code

Github and MediaPortal are open to read for everybody. There are several ways to obtain a copy of the repository. Pick 1 of the 3 options below, that specifies your situation the best:

  1. I only want to look at the code, a read-only copy is enough for me:
     See the FAQ: Read Only Copy - you only need to download a zipped version of our repository.
  2. I want to look at the code and build individual branches, but i don't need to upload to the repository:
    See the FAQ: Clone the Git repository. 
  3. I want to look at the code, make adjustments and upload those changes to the repository:
    See the FAQ: Clone the Git repository.

Compile and Build MediaPortal 1

Once you have setup your system with the required software, and have the source code, you can compile and build MediaPortal. See Compile and Build MP1.



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