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The purpose of this section is to make information available for developers of the MediaPortal project and MediaPortal plugins. If you want to contribute code, see this page: Submit Patches


The following resources will assist you in learning about developing for MediaPortal.

Coding Guides

  • Coding Standards - Guidelines on the development process, and code layout.
  • Avoiding Statics
  • Patch Policy - How patches should look and be submitted.

Roadmaps and Development Progress

GitHub (Git)

MediaPortal 1 source code is located at GitHub (


If you would like to learn more about how MediaPortal  works, see the following:


  • Skin Architecture

Compiling and Debugging

  • Compiling MediaPortal - Instructions on how to compile the MediaPortal source code.
  • Debugging MediaPortal - Instructions on how to run a debug build of MediaPortal.

Plugin Developer and Skin Designer Guides (How To)

Please ensure you fully understand the above mentioned topics before developing your own Plugin/Skin. Following the above Standards will make it easier for others to understand what you are trying to do within your code if support is required.

  • Plugin Developers Guide
  • Skin Designer Guide



  1. TV Card Algorithm
  2. Sources
  3. Remote control documentation
  4. Tv Library documentation
  5. Writing TV-Server plugins
  6. Using TV-Server events in your plugin


  1. Example 1: Connect to the tv server and list the status of all cards
  2. Example 2: Timeshifting


  1. Creating Dumps of RAW Transport Stream
  2. Memory Dumps

3rd Party Plugins Compatibility

Changes between MediaPortal releases which require update of all plugins

DeployTool and NSIS


  • TV-Server installation system (NSIS)



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