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How do i clone the Git repository?


You can 'clone' the Repository with either Read+Write or Read-Only access:

  • To look at the code and build individual branches, but if you don't need to upload to the repository, choose Read-Only access
  • To also alter the code and upload changes to the repository, choose Read+Write access

Note: The access level is determined by the URL you select when you clone the repository (see below).


To clone the Git repository:

  1.  Go to the folder where you wanna save the repository.
  2. Right mouse click and choose Git clone...
  3. Enter the URL for the MediaPortal-1 Git repository and press OK.

Note: Make sure you use the correct URL (Read-Only or Read+Write Access) from the repository:

Get the submodules (Initial Clone) (e.g. libbluray)

To get the submodules (e.g. libbluray), use the "recursive" option. TortoiseGIT has this option as a checkbox in the clone dialog.

  • Right click on TortoiseGIT context menu from 'libbluray' folder inside MediaPortal-1 repo :

Or by command line: "git clone --recursive"

Note: You MUST update the GIT submodules every time you update the MP source code to keep the submodules up to date as well.

Update the submodules (Existing Clone)

Since MP 1.19 PreRelease, we use différent location for Libbluray module. ( Look BD-J Prerequisites )

For use the good location, you must use "Submodule Sync" for update Git to clone the good submodule.

For obtain this menu :

  • Right click (with Shift holded )  on TortoiseGIT context menu inside MediaPortal-1 repo :

Order :

  • Submodule Sync
  • Submodule Update
  • Initialize Submodules
  • Recursive
  • Force

In case of error, done the same step inside Libbluray folder.



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