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How to play DVDs or Blu-ray Discs (BDs) in MediaPortal


As of v 1.3.0, MediaPortal supports Blu-ray Discs with a few limitations (see below)

Although your DVDs and Blu-ray Discs will normally play 'out of the box' you can customize settings to suit your preferences.

Note: Most of the Settings for DVDs also apply to Blu-rays except Subtitles and Regions which use different methods. You may also select different codecs for DVDs vs. Blu-ray Discs although the default LAV filters should work in most cases.


These settings apply to both DVDs and Blu-rays when you insert the disc in your drive:

  1. Disable Autoplay settings in Windows Control Panel > Autoplay to avoid Windows pop-up messages on your HTPC.
  2. Select your Autoplay settings for Audio, Video and Photo discs using either:


You may select or change DVD settings, including Subtitle and Audio settings using either:

Note: DVD Region codes are set in Windows properties for your DVD drive(s).

To select or change the codecs and renderer for DVD Playback:


Select or change Blu-ray Region codes, Audio and Subtitle settings using either:

Select or change the codecs and renderer for Blu-ray playback using either:

Note: LAV Codecs are recommended, especially if you experience any playback problems. The Blu-ray feature has been developed based on the LAV filters.

 Tip: To get the most power out of your Video Card, use the Hardware Acceleration option in LAV Video - see Configuration > Blu-ray. Note: This option is required to playback VC-1 interlaced video with LAV!


There are several ways to playback your DVDs or Blu-rays in MediaPortal:

  • use the Autoplay feature/settings when you insert a disc
  • select the Play Disc option from the Home screen or the main menu in Videos
  • scan your media into your preferred Movies database, select it and press playback

Ofc you may also rip your disc to your HDD and play it using either Virtual Drive settings or by scanning it into your Movies database.

Note: For Blu-ray rips, Cinavia only works on players that support it. As long as your PC drive can play the files you can rip them to your HDD.




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