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Some users have reported problems getting DiSEqC to work with Technotrend S1500 Budget cards. The Hauppage NOVA-S cards are exactly the same so the same issues may apply. 


Using the WDM driver for the TechnoTrend S1500 Budget card, the card was not detected at all. The Solution below therefore applies to the latest BDA driver.

It is possible the DiSEqC method implemented in the TechnoTrend S1500 driver is not the same as the TechnoTrend S2-3200 (apparently  DiSEqC works with this card). However, Supported TV Cards does not list individual TechnoTrend cards, it only says that DiSEqC works with TechnoTrend cards.


TechnoTrend have some tools designed for use with Microsft MCE. The tools called TT_MCE_Tools can be found on the TechnoTrend PC Products Tools and Downloads page. Now you don't have to have MS MCE to make use of these tools; they can be use with XP Pro SP2 for example. The tools require the .NET Frame work 1.1 

One of the tools included is called "DvbTMapper" and this is the one you will use to help with the DiSEqC problem. MCE doesn't directly support DVB-S cards only DVB-T. So this handly little tool puts your S1500 card into pseudo DVB-T mode and then maps DVB-S transpoders (including DiSEqC position!) to a DVB-T frequency! Great!

So you can follow these steps: 

  1. Run DVBTMapper:

  2. Select your S1500 or NOVA-S and tick "Activate TechnoTrend pseudo DVB-T for DVBS or DVB-C Products" , Reboot!
  3. Run DVBTMapper again and select a UHF frequency on the left and fill out the transponder parameters. This where we set DiSEqC using the "Position" and "Option" tick boxes. It works like this. Unticked=A Ticked=B.  i.e.:
    • Position:Unticked, Option:Unticked = Level1AA
    • Position:Unticked, Option:ticked = Level1AB
    • Position:Ticked, Option:Unticked = Level1BA
    • Position:Ticked, Option:Ticked = Level1BB 
  4. Make sure you click "Set DVB-S Frequency Parameters to Selected Listbox entry" for each transponder you enter.
  5. Now you need to edit the DVB-T tuning details file: c:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\Tuningparameters\dvbt.xml 
  6. You can add a country section called "
    Pseudo DVB-T Mappings" to hold your mapped frequencies like this:
  7. Now when you go into Configuration > TV Server you will see that instead of having a Technotrend DVB-S card it will be a DVB-T card. Select the country you created in step 3 and click "Scan For Channels
  8. All your different transponders on different LNBs should now scan in!

  9. Done!



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