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 MediaPortal 1.19.0 Final
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 MediaPortal 2.1.3 Final 
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Some users have reported problems with watching encrypted channels in MediaPortal using FireDTV/FloppyDTV cards. If you have problems with your digital everywhere card, first make sure that you have: 

If you are using Windows 7, see digital everywhere's guide: Installing the IEEE1394 legacy driver

Note: As of writing, digital everywhere has decided to stop its activities. Manufacturing of products has been stopped and support has been reduced to the minimum.

Supported Conditional Access Modules (CAMs)

  • Dilog Conax5.0 (CNX-STD-2.5.9m2) 
  • AlphaCrypt Light 
  • AlphaCrypt
  • EasyTV
  • CryptoWorks

See: Conditional Access Modules for further details or supported CAMS

CAMs that may not work well with MediaPortal

  • TechnoWorks TechniCrypt CW
  •  Conax - Smit/Dilog/NoName (SMIT-CNX-2.3.0)
    • Unusable, TV-card drops CAM after seconds 



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