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On Tue, 30 Nov 2010, Dadeo suggested that this page or section is outdated and needs to be updated.  The latest version of this plugin is 1.5, link under Download is correct, but the information and documentation is outdated.


  • This plugin is able to perform the following actions:
    • Copy
    • Move
    • Delete
    • Rename
    • Encrypt/Decrypt
    • Compress/Uncompress (files only)
    • Hide/Unhide
    • Set/Remove Readonly flag
  • Files and Directories
    • Creates directories
    • Creates audio and video playlists from directories
    • Adds files and directories to audio and video playlists
    • Plays audio/video files when selected
    • Shows pictures when selected
    • Previews textfiles


On Tue, 30 Nov 2010, Dadeo suggested that these screenshots are outdated and need to be updated.


  • Requires MediaPortal with SVN installed



  1. Describe the steps to install this plugin. (You can skip steps that are general for all plugins.)
  2. Be sure to use numbered bullets for steps.
  3. Include screenshots where necessary.


Andreas Groß, updated by DalaNorth.

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