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Select or change general skin settings and behavior.

General GUI Settings

You may also use MediaPortal Configuration > GUI to select or change these settings. 

Note: Changing these settings requires restart of MediaPortal to take effect.

Allow remember last focused item

Default: On
When this setting is enabled, MediaPortal will remember the last focused item in the skin when entering and exiting a plugin. E.g. if you enter Videos and then return to the home screen, Videos will be re-selected rather than the default item.

Hide file extensions (.mp3, .avi...)

Default: On

Hides file extensions when showing file lists.

Enable File existence cache

Default: Off
This setting, when enabled, will store the existence of files on the video and music shares amongst others. It can improve the performance of MediaPortal when navigating through these shares for a second time however might list files that has been removed by other means.

Enable skin sound effects

Default: On

Enable sound effects that are built into skins, for example when selecting a menu item.

Show special mouse controls

Default: Off
When this option is enabled, some skins display scrollbars or other controls for navigating lists when using a mouse. If you are using a remote control you may leave this option deselected.

Reduce frame rate when not being in focus

Default: Off

The MediaPortal GUI is rendered at a reduced frame rate when it is not in focus to let the GPU perform better in other applications. MediaPortal is expected to be inactive when it is not in focus however some users might use a remote control which can send commands to MediaPortal even when it is not in focus. This option should be enabled if the MediaPortal GUI is stuttering when not in focus, for example when using other applications on another monitor.

Home Screen

Default: Classic and Basic, prefer Classic

Select from four different options:

  • Classic and Basic, prefer Classic
  • Classic and Basic, prefer Basic Home
  • only Classic Home
  • only Basic Home

If you select one of the 'only' options, then the other Home screen will not be available even when you press KeyH.jpg or the home button while viewing the Home screen.




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