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There are many different types of graphic images used in MediaPortal.  They are usually stored in the Program Data Thumbs folder.

Most .png images are cached to improve performance - see Packed Graphics and ReCaching.

Performance can be further improved by Optimization of graphic images

Types of Graphic Images

  • *skin graphics (*specific to each skin)
    stored in the Skins Media folder - graphics usedin the skins for backdrounds, buttons, bars, frames, arrows,  as well as media logos, weather icons, animated images default images. 'hover' images (icons of features and plugins) and al the graphic elements that make up the basic user interface
  • auto generated thumbs
    • Picture thumbs - display in Pictures, and can even be used as backdrops - stored in the Thumbs\pictures folder
    • Music thumbs - artist images and album covers downloaded from website, or auto generated genre and folder images  - stored in the Thumbs\music folder
    • Video thumbs  - DVD covers for movie titles, actor images or genre images;  or video thumbs can be auto generated for all video files to display in VIdeos or even used as backdrops - stored in the Thumbs\videos folder
    • Video Fanart - as of MP 1.2.0fanart can be downloaded for movies - stored in the Thumbs\music folder
    • TV Thumbs - auto generated for TV recordings - stored in the stored in the Recordings folders you configure in Configuration > TV-Server > Recordings (usually one folder per TV show) or in the Thumbs\tv\recordings folder
    • Folder.jpg images - music thumbs can be auto generated as folder.jpgs in Configuration > Music Database or you can add them manually to aritst, album, movie folders, etc
  • user graphics such as:
    • TV Channel logos - for display in the TV Guide and wherever a TV Channel  is displayed - - stored in the Thumbs\tv\logos folder
    • Radio Station logos - for display in the Radio Guide and wherever a Radio Station is displayed - - stored in the Thumbs\radio folder
    • Weather images - such as satellite images, can be stored anywhere on your hard disk and used in weather, although normally these images are linked from a website.
  • Plugin generated images
    • many plugins also download or generate thumbnail images, these are usually stored in the Thumbs folder under the plugin name.

Graphics Quality

You can, and should, choose the level of grahpics quality for thumbs in Configuration > General > Thumbnails

These settings can significantly improve the display of auto generated and even downloaded thumbnails.



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