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Packed Graphic Files 

Why are they needed?

Packed textures decrease the work load that GPU has to do with every single rendering pass.

What textures are packed?

Only png files are packed, and only those in the main \skin folder and the \thumbs folder'

How are they created?

Packed graphics are generated at runtime and are used to help keep the rendering portion of the application as efficient as possible. They are only created when no packed graphics already exist. They can be identified by the filename prefix packedgfx and end with either .bxml (binary xml) or .png.

Why can't I see graphics changes in MediaPortal?

When the individual graphic files of a skin are modified the packed graphic files and the related .bxml files must be deleted otherwise the changes cannot be seen in MediaPortal. 

Where are they located?

1 Cache

Skin Design Issues

  • A 128MB GPU can only take 4 packed textures files. 
  • If your skin creates more, then it will not work with such gfx-cards!
  • texture sizes: no other than power of two dimensions should be used
  • texture sizes: trim all unused space around the actual texture (if any)



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