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How to start MediaPortal using the 'green button' on your remote.

MP Tray

Related Extensions

InfraRed Server Suite (IRSS) includes:

  • both of which can be used to map functions to the Green button on your remote.

To Start MediaPortal using the 'Green' (Media Center) Button on your Remote:


  1. Go to Configuration -> Additional 3rd Party Checks
  2. Check the button "Autostart MPtray to launch MediaPortal with the MediaCenter Button"  (i.e. the green button)

It is under 3rd Party Checks since you must first disable any Microsoft Media Center Services if enabled.

Note: If you have already disabled Microsoft Media Center Services, or do not have a version of Windows that supports them, then the button to disable them will not display. Instead a Status message will display indicating the services are not installed 


In some instances starting MediaPortal with the green button causes it to start with the taskbar still visible and you not being able to control it.

In this case it's actually Windows' default notification behavior which causes this; specifically the flashing taskbar buttons (which steal the focus from MediaPortal and leave it no longer 'on top'.

We need to change the value for the Foreground Flash Count and the Foreground Lock Timeout settings within the registry. ForegroundFlashCount defines the number of times the taskbar button flashes to notify the user that the system has activated a background window. If the time elapsed since the last user input exceeds the value of ForegroundLockTimeout, the window will automatically be brought to the foreground.

To rectify this you simply need to disable the flashing taskbar icons setting in the registry.

This requires changing the registry which can, in extreme circumstances, stop your PC from working correctly.
Be careful!

  1. Click the Start icon
  2. Type in regedit
  3. Select regedit from the top of the result
  4. Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
  5. Find ForegroundFlashCount in the right hand pane and double click it
  6. Replace the value with 1 (default value is 7)
  7. Find ForegroundLockTimeout in the right hand pane and double click it
  8. Replace the value with 0 (default value is 30d40)
  9. Reboot

This should resolve the issue.





1 Comment

  1. says:
    That registry edit tips is not working for me. In fact I believe an application needs uiAccess privilege to be able to reliably bring applications to the foreground. I doubt MPTray has uiAccess therefore I'm guessing MPTray only works reliably when first launching MP and not when bringing it to the foreground.
    Posted Mär, 19 2015 19:31