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The Home plugin configuration allows you to configure some settings on the classic or standard  Home screen as well as general MediaPortal settings.

Alternative configuration places are in Configuration > General settings, or Settings > General within MediaPortal.

This plugin cannot be disabled.

As of MediaPortal 1.2.0 you can now choose to use only Basic Home by selecting the Home options in Configuration > General > Skin


[ |=PluginHome configuration.png]

Home Settings

  • Fix Scroll Bar - Default: off
    First, select a position in MediaPortal on the Home screen where you wish to set the scroll bar. Once you select this setting, the scroll bar postion for the Home screen Menu or list of items, will be fixed, or set to that position. Scrolling up or down scrolls only the list while the selector, or focus, stays at the same place. Disabling this option makes the selector move up and down through the visible part of the scrolling menu.
  • Enable Animations - Default: on
    When ticked animations in the home screen are enabled. Disable animations if you wish to improve performance on older systems.
  • Show My Plugins - Default: on
    When enabled, a Plugins section will appear in the Home screen. When disabled, every plugin you have installed and enabled will have its own entry on the Home screen.

Date + Time Settings

  • Format - Default: <Day> <Month> <DD>
    Enter the parameters you want to display the date & time string you want. The Test field will show the current date in the defined format.
  • Use long time format (with seconds) - Default: off

Note: Due to .NET issues, if you use the short time format, the format used will be derived from the current format specified in Windows' "Regional and Language Options". Any customizations of this format (for example, by using Additional Settings > Time tab) will be ignored.

Menu Setup

You can determine the order in which items display on your home menu:

  • Home Menu:
  1. Select an item
  2. Press the up or down button to move it
  • My Plugins Menu
  1. Press the + arrow to expand the My Plugins section where your plugisns are listed
  2. Select an item
  3. Press the up or down button to move it
  • Edit Menu Item
    • Displays the current selected item, but is not editable at present.

Developer(s):  Bavarian



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