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How to watch your home videos in MediaPortal


MediaPortal provides two ways you can view all those great home videos you have created

Using Videos Shares View

You can 'browse' any video folder by using Shares view in Videos.

Simply add the folder where you stored your home videos in Videos > Video Folders in setup if you did not already do so in Quick Setup.

You probably want to keep your home videos in a separate folder from your movies or TV series as you don't want/need to scan them into your database.

Depending on the video format you use, you may need to add the file extension in Video Extensions in setup

Using Pictures

If you have a combination of photos and videos from your vacation or event, you may view them together by using the Pictures feature in MediaPortal.

  • add the file extension(s) for your home videos to Pictures > Picture Extensions in Setup 
  • add the folder where you stored your home videos in Pictures > Picture Folders in Setup




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