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How to get permission?

Permission to write blog entries is granted on a per user basis. If you want to get your plugin or skin better known in our great community, then please use the contact form to send a mail to the "management".

Please include the name of the plugin or skin you are working on. I will then do the required changes to your account.

How to get help?

In case you have problems creating a blog article, you can either send a mail to the "management" by using the contact form, or write a PM to infinite.loop.

See also: Promoting MediaPortal


We recommend that you first write your article as plain text, for example in Notepad, and prepare the images you want to display.

Do not write the article in Word or a similar application!
A Copy/Paste action from Word to the Editor on the Homepage will result in major formatting errors!

Submit an article:

1.    Go to the blog section of our website
2.    On the right side you will find the “User menu”. Select “Submit an Article"

Formatting the Article:

As you can see, a WYSIWYG Editor is available for formatting your Article.

You can either write your blog directly there, or better prepare the text beforehand in Notepad.
Never copy/past anything from Word!

Youtube videos

To embed a YouTube Video into your article use the following syntax: {youtube}youtube-id{/youtube}

The code to embed this video
is:  {youtube}6xRr2VeDx0o{/youtube}

Clickable Thumbnail Images


•    Always upload your image(s) to our webserver – never link to an external site, or a forum attachment!
•    Resize your images to a reasonable resolution (max. 1280x720 pixel should be enough)
•    Only use jpg images. Make sure that you use a “medium” quality setting when you save them, to keep the filesize at a sane value.

Create clickable Thumbnail:

  1. Click at the “Insert/Edit Image” Button in the Editor
  2. Navigate to the “blogs” folder
  3. Use the    “New Folder” Button to create a folder. Use your forum nickname as folder name.
    It is up to you if you want to create subfolders (i.e. one folder per blog article) or not.
  4. Press the   “upload” Button
  5. Use the “add” button to upload one or multiple images. Thumbnails will be automatically created and stored inside a “thumbnails” subfolder.
  6. Switch to the “Popup” tab
  7. Click at the “Enable” checkbox
  8. Click at the Image you want to insert and answer the “Confirm” dialog with “yes”
  9. Now press the “insert” button and you have your image as clickable thumbnail inside your article
  10. To add more images, simply click at the “Insert/Edit Image” Button in the Editor again

Split the article (Read More Link):

If you are writing a very long blog Article, then please insert a “read more”.  Thus, only the initial synopsis displays on the index/history of Blogs. To do so, click at the location in your text where you want to insert the “read more”. Then press the related button   in the editor.

Discussion Link:

If you have your own subforum in the Extensions section of the forum, then you might want to create a thread there where users can discuss/comment your blog article.

To do so you:

  1. Create a thread inside your forum.
  2. The thread link contains a number at the end. i.e.
  3. Take the number 95825, and insert it like this at the end of your article {jfusion_discuss 95825}

Publish the Article

Set the publishing options as shown in this image below

For the article to become public, the review of a Team MediaPortal Member is required. We are monitoring the blog section for new Articles, so this should not take longer than a day or maybe 2.

If you want to speed up the release process, send a PM to infinite.loop. (smile)



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