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This section will allow you to import and export information such as TV channels, radio stations, scheduled recordings and more.

This is helpful if you need to do a re-install as you can save these settings by exporting them from your current install and then re-importing them on your new installation. It saves some time in having to re-set everything up from scratch.


TV and Radio Channels

Check the TV channels and/or Radio stations checkboxes to save tuning information. After a fresh MediaPortal installation you may import the channels instead of scanning for them again.

TV and Radio Groups

Check the TV groups and/or Radio groups checkboxes to save your groups and associated channels. Be sure to also export the channels or you'll end up with empty groups.


This option will save all schedules stored in the TV-Server.


Exports and imports the TV-Server settings and all card settings. All card settings (including recording path, timeshift path, priority, preload) are exported or imported and the TV-Server is restarted after import.

Note: EPG program data cannot be exported.


On the Export tab you can select which information you want to export. You do not have to export all information.


On the Import tab you can select which information you want to import. This allows you to import only the data that you want.

Note: when you import the recording schedules, the schedules imported are added to the existing recording schedules.  If you want the imported schedules to replace the existing schedules, you must use the Schedules panel to delete all of the existing schedules before importing the new schedules.



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