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  • Required:  No
  • Type of Change:  Feature (rework)

Currently the button to select a layout (List, Icons, Big Icons, Big Icons List, Filmstrip) cycles between layouts. This is often an awkward interface for users.  Furthermore,, the button to Select View (Shares, Title, Artist, etc.) displays a dialog, or context menu with a list of options which results in an inconsistent behaviour for users.

Description of Change

This change alters the function of the Layout button to conform to the behaviour of the Select View button and display a list of Layouts for a user to select. 

It affects all windows or screens in MediaPortal, where Layouts are available, notably in Videos, Music, Radio, Recorded TV and Pictures

No change is required in Skins or plugins to work in version 1.2.0.  However Plugin developers should conform to the same behaviour in their plugins.

Additional Information and References

  • Mantis Issue: 3087
  • Related xml(s): no change required in xmls
  • Window ID: 
  • Related GUI property/control:  Enter the name of the GUI property or control (i.e. listcontrol) and link it to the related Wiki page under Skin Architecture.

XML/Code Samples

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Sample Layouts Dialog:



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