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  • Required:  Yes
  • Type of Change:  Feature

A new versatile button control for displaying a list of selectable items.

The button is required for core MP plugins (see MenuButton in MP plugins) and of course for extensions as plugins implement the new control.

 Thus, skins should add a default menubutton control to references.xml - see Default skin for examples. 

Description of Change

The MenuButton is an extremely versatile control and offers a variety of options for usability and skinning.

The presentation of a MenuButton includes either:

  • An embedded spin control to select from a list of menu choices, or
  • A modal dialog to select from a list of menu choices

The implementation of MenuButton consumes both SpinControl and DialogMenu. There is a lot of flexibility in the presentation of the button text and currently selected menu value. The button label may be static text, may include static text and the currently selected menu value, or just the value itself.  This capability allows us to use the MenuButton in place of existing controls that do things like select facade views (of course the skin designer may choose to preserve the current/legacy behavior or do something new).

See also:  MenuButton

Additional Information and References

  • Mantis Issue: 3310
  • Related xml(s):  references.xml and all xmls where menubutton control is used - See: Menu buttons in MP plugins
  • Window ID: 
  • Related GUI property/control:  GUIMenuButton (menubutton)



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