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  • Required:  Yes
  • Type of Change:  Feature

Re-implementation of several buttons in built-in MediaPortal plugins to make use of the new GUIMenuButton.

As part of this change other language files need to be updated to match changes made in strings_en.xml.
Skinners of others skins will be required to make changes to skins to be compatible with this implementation. Please refer to the Default skin for examples.

Description of Change

The following controls, identified by the skin file and control id, have been changed from control type "button" to control type "menubutton". Skin designers are required to make these changes in order for their skin to continue to function properly.  In each instance the legacy/default behavior has been retained in the Default skins.

  • MyVideos (myvideo.xml) - Layout (id=2), View (id=5)
  • MyVideos (myvideoTitle.xml) - Layout (id=2), View (id=5)
  • MyVideos Playlist (myvideoplaylist.xml) - Layout (id=2)
  • MyMusic (mymusicgenres.xml) - Layout (id=2), View (id=5)
  • MyMusic Playlist (mymusicplaylist.xml) - View (id=2)
  • MyMusic Songs (mymusicsongs.xml) - Layout (id=2), View (id=5)
  • MyPictures (mypics.xml) - Layout (id=2), View (id=5)
  • MyTv RecordedTv (mytvrecordedtv.xml) - Layout (id=2), View (id=5)
  • MyRadio (myradio.xml) - Layout (id=2)
  • MyRadio RecordedRadio (myradiorecorded.xml) - Layout (id=2), View (id=5)
  • References (references.xml) - Add menubutton control template (use Default or DefaultWide skin as an example)
    An example of the new configuration of Layout ("View-As") and View ("Switch View") controls as menubuttons follows.  See the following section for language string changes.
      <dialogTitle>792</dialogTitle>                 (792 = "Layouts menu")
      <valuePrefixText>95</valuePrefixText>          (95 = "Layout: ")
      <description>Switch View</description>
      <dialogTitle>499</dialogTitle>                 (499 = "Views menu")
      <valuePrefixText>97</valuePrefixText>          (97 = "View by: ")
    To support the change of the Layout and View controls from type "button" to "menubutton" the following language string definitions have been changed or added.
  • <String id="95">Layout: </String>
  • <String id="96">Sort by: </String>
  • <String id="97">View by: </String>
    • <String id="100">Icons</String> * <String id="101">List</String> * <String id="417">Big Icons</String> * <String id="529">Big Icon List</String> * <String id="733">Filmstrip</String> * <String id="791">Cover Flow</String> * <String id="103">Name</String> * <String id="104">Date</String> * <String id="105">Size</String>

    "Layout: Icons" "Layout: List" "Layout: Big Icons" "Layout: Big Icon List" "Layout: Filmstrip" "Layout: Cover Flow" "Sort By: Name" "Sort By: Date" "Sort By: Size"

Additional Information and References

  • Mantis Issue: 3316
  • Related xml(s):
    • strings_en.xml
    • mymusicgenres.xml - Default(Wide) skin
    • mymusicplaylist.xml - Default(Wide) skin
    • mymusicsongs.xml - Default(Wide) skin
    • mypics.xml - Default(Wide) skin
    • myradio.xml - Default(Wide) skin
    • myradiorecorded.xml - Default(Wide) skin
    • mytvrecordedtv.xml - Default(Wide) skin
    • myvideo.xml - Default(Wide) skin
    • myvideoplaylist.xml - Default(Wide) skin
    • myvideoTitle.xml - Default(Wide) skin
    • references.xml - Default(Wide) skin
  • Window ID:
  • Related GUI property/control:



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