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Movie Info Grabbers are grabber scripts which can download information on all your movies when using the Using TV > TV Guide > Getting  EPG DataVideos features of MediaPortal.

They are even used when you use the F3 key or IMDB menu option to lookup movie information.

Local Movie Info

Several grabber scripts are supported in MediaPortal, so to customize it for your local movie info in your own language, all you need to do is select your grabber. 

You may even add several grabbers in order, in case one source does not provide information on the selected movie.

See Configuration > Videos > Video Database for details

Updating Grabbers

Grabbers are constantly updated, and new ones are added. You do not need to wait for a new version to install them. 

You can just update your grabbers in Configuration > Videos > Video Database.

Add a Movie Info Grabber

If you wish to download information from a local source that is not yet available in MediaPortal, you can easily add your own Movie Info Grabber.

First, visit the Submit: Movie Info Grabbers Forum to see if one is already in development.

If not, see Contribute > Localization > Movie Info Scripts/Grabbers to learn how to add your own.



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