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Verify IP adress used for streaming

If everything works ok in a single-seat environment but not in a server environment then open setuptv and check if the ip adress assigned to each server is correct.

This ip adress will determine on which network the video/audio will be streamed:


The streaming server uses the IETF RTSP/RTP protocols. RTSP runs on top of TCP, while RTP runs on UDP.

Many firewalls are configured to restrict TCP packets by port number, and are very restrictive on UDP.

Open the appropriate ports on the firewall. This allows the streaming server to be accessed via RTSP/RTP on the default ports and provides better use of network resources, lower speeds for client connections and less load on the server. Firewalls include ?McAfee, Norton, Windows Firewall which ships with Windows XP SP2, and Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) which ships with Windows 2000.

Please check your Firewall Configuration



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