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 MediaPortal 1.32
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 MediaPortal 2.5
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Listen to Music: the ultimate experience

  • View all your artists, albums, tracks, CDs, DVDs or playlists, with album art and artist image.
  • Play your music using high quality Bass effects, while watching your favorite visualizations.
  • MediaPortal provides very advanced features to organize and browse through your music collection. With these advanced features is it possible to change almost everything about how you view your music.
  • Create playlists 'on the fly' just by using your remote to choose your favorite songs and the order to play them. Or load your favorite playlists created in M3U, PLS or B4U format.

Customizing Music:

Music can be customized in an almost infinite variety of ways depending on your needs or preferences.  

  • Select from a large variety of playback effects
  • Organize your music
    • modify or create views
    • define the sort order for different views
    • determine the way your music files display. such as:
      • 01 - OK Computer - Radiohead - Airbag.mp3 (04:44)
      • 12-07-2006 01 - Airbag.mp3 (04:44)
  • display Visualizations while music is  playing
  • select what data you wish to display on the music Now Playing window
  • and much more



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