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The Music Track Format Masks configuration screen allows you to specify how tracks are identified on screen based on the sort method.

Music Track Format Mask Settings

This section is only visible in expert mode.

These masks turn the tags stored in the file into a description you see on screen hence the masks will only work if your music is tagged correctly.

The masks only affect what is displayed when viewing tracks.  When looking at a folder (a view level other than tracks or a directory folder in shares view) the description shown is based on the view level or directory name.

  1. Select the sort mode you wish to customize from the drop down box.
    • Sorting mode

  1. Enter the data tags to format data for the select sort mode:
  • Format - Default: [%track%. ][%artist% - ][%title%] | %duration%


In the screenshot, you can see that the artist name is not displayed for the Name sort mode, only the track title and duration.

So, if you choose to sort by Name, either in MediaPortal Music, or when configuring Music VIews the display will look like this:

Note: fanart is available via the Fanart Handler plugin.



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