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You can navigate in MediaPortal using a remote, a keyboard,  a gamepad, a mouse, a touchscreen and many other input devices.  Obviously navigation can change according to which device you choose to use.


Using a Remote is the most common and easiest way to navigate in MediaPortal.

To learn how the remote buttons function in MediaPortal, see Default Key Settings.

You may configure your remote buttons however you wish, see Mapping Buttons.

You can also control MediaPortal using your TV remote through an HDMI connection using our CEC remote plugin, and Pulse-Eight USB - CEC Adapter.


When using a Keyboard, familiar yourself with the Keyboard shortcuts. You will also find links for keyboard shortcuts specific to a feature under the feature.


Most gamepads are supported out-of-the-box, see gamepads usage.


Mouse users will find the following features helpful.

Touch Screen

Touch Screens benefit from many of the same controls as Mouse users.  Some skins are designed to support Touch screens. There are even some designed especially for Touch screen users.



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