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Our default configuration supports the large majority of input devices out there, including: MCE IR receivers, multimedia keyboards and gamepads.

Here is the list of input handlers we support to enable less common or legacy solutions. The HID handler is enabled by default.


Make sure you do not enable more than one of the input handlers unless you know what you are doing. Do not enable both HID and Media for instance.

Related Plugins

As mentioned above the vast majority of input devices are supported out-of-the-box. Nevertheless the following plug-ins are worth mentioning even though some offer functionalities that are now available in the default setup too:

  • The InfraRed Server Suite (IRSS) plugin expands support to 28+ more remotes, from iMON to Wii and MacMini. With IRSS you can create layers for your remote so one key can perform many functions. IRSS offers a suite of applications to expand  the functions you can perform with your remote.
  • ShortCut'er - create keyboard shortcuts to any MP screen, like TV, Videos, Music, or extensions etc..
  • Generic Keyboard/Remote Input Plugin enables you to use a "simpler" MPC or other remote, that sends key strokes
  • You might also use the Message Plugin in combination with other software, like EventGhost or Girder. Let EventGhost or similar software, send messages (read: keypresses or actions), to MediaPortal. So, when your remote is supported by EventGhost and you want to have complete control on what happens with your button presses, use this.



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