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Users of SoundGraph devices should use Media. Users of other kind of Windows message emulators software will probably have better results when using Media too.


  • Use media key - select this to enable use of the media key handler
  • Extended logging - provides additional information in the MediaPortal.log file much like the Debug Logging option for MediaPortal
  • Supports input even if MediaPortal is in background (slows down keyboard in other apps) - Default  off
  • Mapping - map keys or button settings to MediaPortal windows or actions for your media keys.
    Note: To map keys to standard MP functions or change bindings, you may be better served by Keys and Sounds in the Configuration > General section.


Technical notes

This input handler basically responds to Windows application commands from WM_APPCOMMAND messages.

Keys to actions mappings from this handler are saved in a file named





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