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This section is only visible in expert mode.

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Here is where you can customize the key settings for your keyboard or remote.

Keys and Sounds Settings

  • You can alter both Global actions and Windows key settings..
  • Keys can be added and deleted, customized, and have sound events associated with the key press.

Note: This section does not support the "media keys", i.e. the volume up/down, play, stop, next, previous, etc. buttons you can find on most modern keyboards. To support these keys, you need to enable the General HID Device in the Remote section.

Keys and Sounds are stored in your user data folder (e.g. ProgramData) ...\MediaPortal\keymap.xml  Before you begin making major key changes, you may wish to back up this file first!

Note: For a list of the more than 175 supported actions, see Actions.  For a list of Windows and IDs see Windows.

Remote Control Buttons

Remote control buttons are also affected by these changes. If you don’t like the remote mapping supplied with MediaPortal for your remote, you can remap your keys here.

For example, if you change the function of the Play key, any time you press the remote Play button it will function the way you have customized it.

There are even specific settings for the remote number keys.

Of course, you can also customize which keys map to specific functions using Configuration > Remote

Change Keys

When you select Keys and Sounds in the Navigation Pane on the left, this screen will display:

First, select either Global actions or Windows keys.

Global Actions

Global actions are performed independent of the currently active module in MediaPortal

Select the key you wish to change, the current assignment will be displayed

  • (ID) - in brackets after the button or key name - displays the button ID as defined in keymap.xml
  • Description -  change the name of the key - this is just a description for your own reference
  • Action - press the drop down list to display all possible actions
  • Key - you can change the key you press to perform the action
  • Sound - select a .wav file to play when the key is pressed. 

Note:  Skins often provide sounds in the Skin Sounds folder.  If you select notify.wav in the Sound box, but the skin provides a notify.wav sound file, then the skin sound will play.

Windows actions

Windows actions are connected to a specific module (window).  The window ID appears in brackets after the name of the window where the key or button action is supported. The window IDs are contained in the keymap.xml file, and match the window IDs of screens or xmls used in skins. See References >  Windows. You can also find the window ID at the top of the related skin xml file in the Skins folder (e.g. mytvugide.xml <id>600</id>)

Select the Window you wish to change or use the plus sign + to expand it and see all the key assignments for that window.

  • Description -  change the name of the window - this is just a description for your own reference
  • Action - change the window ID - this will alter the window where the keys are supported so be careful!

Now, select the key you wish to change, the current assignment will be displayed and can be changed the same as for Global actions above.


Have a special theme on your PC? For each key, you can browse for a particular sound event to have MediaPortal play a corresponding wave file to match.

Delete Keys or Windows

You cannot delete the main Global actions or Window Actions at the top level. The Delete key will be grayed out and unavailable.  However, you can delete specific keys or even whole window  assignments, although it is best to leave these for future use. Just select the Window or key and press the Delete key.

Add Keys or Windows

You may add a key to Global actions or to Windows . You can even add a Window to the Windows section and add keys you wish to use in that window.

Click the Add button to add a new key or window:

Just follow the instructions as above under Change Keys

To cancel a new key or window, just press the Delete key*.*



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