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When watching live TV you can use the F9 or Info/More remote button to display the On Screen Display (OSD).

The OSD can vary in different skins, however, usually it displays:

  • Channel name and logo
  • Current time
  • Program name
  • Timeline showing your position in the buffer:
    • White Arrows: Your current position in the time line.
    • Red: The part of the show that is not covered by timeshift (the timeshift buffer starts to fill from the moment you switch to that channel).
    • Green: The part of the show that is covered by timeshift (meaning you could rewind until the spot where red and green meet).
    • Orange: The part of the show ahead from your current position that is covered by time shift (meaning you can fast forward until the end of the orange bar which is the live position of the current TV program. E.g. when you hit pause and resume afterwards).
  • Menu buttons: | Main Menu |



    Video Position (change position in the timeshift buffer)




You can access the menu buttons by using the left and right arrow keys.

You can also expand or collapse the OSD in the default skin (to show program description) by pressing the up/down arrow key.



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