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Browse and view your pictures, digital photos and even camera videos using the Pictures feature of MediaPortal.

View Pictures: your digital photo album

  • Browse all your digital pictures,  photos and even camera videos
  • Zoom, rotation and Ken burns effect of photos. Zoom with Keypad
  • Manage  photo albums with your remote
  • Create and view slide shows
  • Add fun to your slideshows with background music.

View Camera Videos

As of v1.2.0, you can display and play your camera (or other) videos when viewing Pictures.  Just enable playing videos files  in Pictures Configuration. Any videos added to your your Picture folders will display, as long as they are supported in your list of Video Extensions.

Menu Options

  • Layout: List, Icons, Big Icons, Filmstrip
  • Sort by: Name, Date, Size
  • View: Shares, Date
  • Slideshow: "normal slideshow" - just the pictures in the folder currently open will be shown as slide show
  • R Slideshow: "recursive slideshow" - pictures in the folder currently open as well as pictures in "child" folders will be shown as slide show 

Context Menu

Select a folder, then right click, press F9 or Info/More key on a remote to access the Context Menu with these options:

  • Re-create all thumbnails - recreates your thumbnail images based on the settings you have selected in Configuration > General > Thumbnails
  • Switch View - Shares or Date
  • File Menu - allows you to Rename the folder, Delete the folder, select a New Folder, or set the folder as the Destination folder

Select a picture/file, then right click, press F9 or Info/More key on a remote to access the Context Menu with these options:

  1. Rotate 90°
  2. Rotate 180°
  3. Rotate 270°
  4. Show - displays the picture or image
  5. Slideshow - displays a slide show of images in the current folder
  6. Properties - displays File Properties for the picture or image
  7. Switch View - Shares or Date (same as for folders)
  8. File Menu - Rename, Delete picture or create a New Folder in the current folder

File Properties

You can access details of a picture or image either by using the Properties option on the context menu as described above or by using F3 on a keyboard. Or you can assign a key on your remote if you wish.  

The properties displayed will depend on the information stored in your image file in Windows, such as:

  • Image Dimensions
  • Resolution
  • Flash
  • Metering Mode
  • Compensation
  • Shutter Speed
  • Exposure Time
  • Camera Model
  • Equipment make
  • Date Taken
  • F-Stop
  • Comments





Play Videos in Pictures



Wake On Lan feature



Layout and Sort By for subfolders



Create Pictures thumbs








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