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Play your music using high quality Bass effects, or your own player if you prefer. Display cycling album art and artist images or watch your favorite visualisations while music is playing. Use Party Shuffle mode or 'scrobble' similar tracks using to entertain your guests.

Play a Track, Album or all Songs by an Artist

To play a track, navigate to the track and press enter.  Play all tracks from an album or artist by pressing Play or 'p' on your keyboard.  The tracks will automatically be added to your current playlist and start playing according to the preferences you have chosen in Music Configuration. See, Playback options.

Playback controls

You can pause, rewind, or fast forward playback using Keyboard Shortcuts or keys on your remote.  Mouse or touch screen users can perform the same functions by using the Top Bar. Just hover your mouse at the top of the screen and it will display.

If you press the fast forward or rewind key repeatedly it will increase or decrease the speed incrementatly, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x. If you wish to reverse the process, for example reduce a fast forward of 32x to 16x, then press the rewind key and vice versa.

Music Overlay Window

While music is playing, you may navigate to other windows in MediaPortal. The album cover, along with the main details of the track playing, will display in a small window, usually the bottom left in Blue3/wide. The format, style and size of the Music Overlay window can vary between skins. It can be seen outlined in red in the screenshot below.



TopicsNow Playing
The Now Playing Music window is a special window designed for eye catching display while your music is playing.

Choose to display a variety of different visualiztions when music is playing:  either windowed or fullscreen, on teh Now Playing screen or not.



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