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Use Profiles to save all your options so you can easily switch them for different users or screen sizes.


aMPed offers many options to allow you to customize the skin to your own preferences. You may save all your options as a Profile,  and then load different profiles on different monitors (especially if you use MediaPortal on a dual monitor setup). Or,  you may save profiles for each user with different font size, theme, backdrop options, Basic Home mods or screen layouts.

You can create as many profiles as you like and even use them in batch files so you can load MediaPortal with your selected Profile of aMPed settings by running a batch file, or linking each batch file to a different key on your remote.

Create a Profile

Just select the settings in aMPedConfig that you wish to save, then:

  1. Go to Profiles tab
  2. Press the Save As button
  3. Type any name you wish for the Profile, and click OK

Load a Profile

Once you have created one or more Profiles:

  1. Open aMPedConfig > Profiles tab
  2. Press the down arrow beside the Profiles drop down box
  3. Select the Profile you wish to load
  4. Click the Load button
  5. Confirm you wish to load the settings

Now you can press the Apply and Run button to open MP using your aMPed Profile settings.

Auto Run aMPed and MediaPortal Using a Profile

You can create a batch file for each user if you wish, to autoload MP and aMPed using a specific profile. Example:

path C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\TeamMediaPortal\MediaPortal
 ampedconfig /profile="TV"
 start MediaPortal.exe/skin="aMPed"

Where 'TV' is the name of your Profile, of course.

You can assign different batch files to different remote keys using IRSS Translator, or another remote plugin like Girder, so each member of your household can start aMPed with different settings - theme, font size, Basic Home layout, etc.



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