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Yes, you can watch and record two different shows at the same time with only one DVB or ATSC TV card. A separate TV card is only required for channels on different transponders (frequency) or with analog tuners.

You do not even need to have MediaPortal loaded to record TV. The TV-Server runs as a Windows service in the background. Of course, you have to schedule the program in MediaPortal for recording first.

MediaPortal is much more than a VCR or DVD Recorder. It is a very advanced Personal Video Recorder (PVR), like a TiVo, but with even more functionality. You can record multiple shows on different TV cards with different settings all at once. Don't panic! It's very easy to get started. Before you know it, your whole family will be recording all their favorite shows.

Where are recordings stored?

You can specify the folder for recordings in Configuration > TV-Server > Recording. You can also specify how you wish to name your recorded files as well as many other options.

How to record TV

There are several ways you can record TV:

  1. Simply press the record button on your remote or  - the old fashioned way.
  2. While watching TV you can select Record Now from the menu ( or Info/More remote button):
  3. Select the Record Now button on the TV Home screen:

    After you have selected the Record now button, a dialog displays where you can choose to record the current program or start an endless recording which you need to manually stop:

    Note: as of v1.7.0, option 2: Until manual stop will not display If you have already scheduled a recording on the same channel (because it could conflict with your scheduled recording at some later point). 
  4. Select a program in the TV Guide and schedule a program for recording:

    In the Program Info, or Upcoming episodes screen, you can choose many options for your recordings. See Schedule Recordings for details of all the options.





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