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If you suddenly have a problem with entering the TVGuide screen or even watching LiveTV is not possible ("Unknown Error") it could be that your TV database got corrupt. This can happen because of a power failure or other unexpected system shutdown.


To fix this do the following please:

1. Open a command line by clicking start, type "cmd", hit return/enter.

2. Stop the TV Service: Type (or Copy/Paste)

*net stop TVService*

3. Type (or Copy/Paste)

*cd C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\bin*

(this should be the path to the bin subdirectory within your MySQL install folder) and hit return/enter.
4. Type (or Copy/Paste)

*mysqlcheck mptvdb \-\-auto\-repair \-e \-u root \-p*

,and hit return/enter.
5. A password prompt should appear. The default password is MediaPortal (case sensitive).

6. Start the TV Service: Type (or Copy/Paste) 

*net start TVService*

Note: mysqlcheck must be used when the mysqld server is running.

Caution: It is the best practice to make a backup of database before performing repair operation; under some circumstances the operation might cause data loss. 

*Note: *When you have a different version of MySQL installed (for example when you updated to the 5.6 install), you'll have to adjust the Program Files path (step 3). For 5.6 that would become 

cd C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\bin


PS: If  still unable to repair your database then you may need to look for an advanced MySQL repair application that can repair tables. And below software has shown tremendous result in this category.\-repair.htm 



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