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How to use SMS style input in MediaPortal

What is SMS Input?

SMS (Short Message Service) Input refers to the ability to enter data using your remote or other input device, similar to the way you enter text messages on your mobile phone.  Thus pressing the key '2' on a keyboard, remote or other input device, will input the character 'a', pressing it twice in successsion, enters the character 'b', 3x="c', and so on for other characters of the alphabet.

How to Use SMS Input

You may use SMS input in several places in MediaPortal. 

  1. Browsing your media - SMS input can be especially useful when browsing long lists of videos, music artists, pictures, etc.  Just press the appropriate number key on your input device, and browse quickly to the section of the list you wish.

For example, to browse to items starting with the character 'R' press the number key '7' 3x.

  1. Whenever you use the Virtual Keyboard - such as when entering search terms.  The Virtual keyboard includes an SMS button on the lower left  for you to toggle the type of input you prefer: Standard or SMS style.  When you select SMS style, you may use the number keys on your remote or other input device, like you enter SMS on your mobile phone.



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