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How do I know if a skin is compatible with my version of MediaPortal?


Skins often require changes in order to remain compatible with the current version of MediaPortal.

MediaPortal includes a skin version check to let you know if the skin you are using is not compatible.

Warning Message

If your skin is not compatible with your installed version of MediaPortal, MediaPortal will temporarily switch to the Default/wide skin (16:9 or 4:3 depending on your screen resolution) and you will see a message like this:

If you don't press the Ignore and try button within 15 seconds or if you press ESC on the keyboard or Back on your remote, MediaPortal will continue normally using the Default/wide skin. Pressing the Ignore and try button will switch back to your selected skin.

Find Compatible Skins

Please check for a skin via compatible with your installed version of MediaPortal via:

When downloading skins from our Skins Downloads Repository, be sure to check the version compatibility to ensure the skin is compatible with the version of MediaPortal you have installed. 

If you use the MPEI Installer you may choose to display only extensions compatible with your current version. If you display all extensions a red warning icon will display for incompatible extensions, which you can click to find more details about what is incompatible.



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