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The MediaPortal Skin Engine offers skin developers control over the processing of the skin elements (windows, controls, control behavior, etc.)  This page highlights each of the major capabilities of MediaPortal to process information in the skin engine for the providing the end user increased interactivity with MediaPortal.  These capabilities are used to 

  • Skin Defines - A skin define is essentially a skin xml file substitution parameter.  Defines may be promoted to be a MediaPortal property and they may include skin expressions.
  • Skin Expressions - Skin expressions are functions that are used for perform logic on the parameter(s) passed to the expression function.  The parameter may be a skin define, a skin setting, or a MediaPortal property.
  • Skin Functions - Skin functions provide access to MediaPortal functionality in the context of a skin expression.  Where ever a skin expression is accepted in skin xml, a skin function may be used.
  • Skin Settings - Skin settings offer persistense of skin defines.  Each skin can manage it's own SkinSettings.xml file to store skin specific configuration data much like MediaPortal.xml offers for MediaPortal generally.



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