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Create a slideshow of your photos


Select a folder, or create a folder with just the photos you wish to display as a slideshow.

   Add Music

Add a music playlist, called folder.m3u, in the same folder as the photos for your slideshow. The music will start to play as soon as the picture slideshow starts.

Create a Slideshow

Use the Pictures menu, or the context menu (F9 or Info/More remote button) and select either Slideshow or R. (recursive) Slideshow

Slideshow - just the pictures in the open folder will be shown as slideshow

R. *Slideshow* (recursive slideshow) *-* pictures in the open folder, then pictures in "child" folders will be shown as slideshow

Control Your Slideshow

While viewing your slideshow, you may use remote buttons to:

  • Pause
  • Play
  • Stop
  • Zoom Slides - Channel Up/Down
  • Zoom levels - number keys (on numberpad) 1-9
  • Pan/Scan - arrow keys when picture is zoomed
  • Next Slide - right arrow key
  • Prev Slide - left arrow key

See Keyboard Shortcuts for the equivalent keys on your keyboard.

You may also use F3 on your keyboard for Picture Properties, and F9 or Info/More remote button for a context menu

Slideshow Effects

You can customize your slideshow and use a number of different effects:

  • Speed - the length of time a picture displays
  • Transition Time - the length of time for the transition effect
  • Ken Burns effect - pan and scan effect
  • Ken Burns Speed -  the speed of the effect
  • X-fade transitions - fading effect as slides change
  • Random transitions - varied transition effects
  • Repeat/loop slideshows - repeat the slideshow
  • Auto shuffle slideshow - display slides in random order

See: Settings > Pictures to enable these effects within MediaPortal

You may also configure these settings in Configuration > Pictures



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