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Can't get the machine to S3 (only goes in to s1 - fans stay on)

  • is a handy power test tool.
    • in Dos 'dumppo admin' will show your current power settings
    • 'dumppo admin minsleep=S3' will force windows to go in to s3 when you do start -> Turn off -> Standby
  • Use the above tool to force an S3 setting "dumppo admin minsleep=s3"
  • When I try s3 Windows gives an error that ehome is blocking power save:
    2. Make sure you have the IR receive plugged in to a USB port that has +5VSB set
    3. Rumor is if you installed windows with your MB not set to do s3 you are hooped. If you had to change your MB power save settings you may have to do a re-install. MS apparently checks this on install, and puts a different dll in if no ACPI or s3 is found (I've alwasy had s1 or s3 on, has not been an issue)
    4. If you don't have the power management tab, remove the device (all eHome devices) unplug USB fo rthe IR receiver, Reboot, plug devices back in - this should re-install with power management.
  • Unit goes to sleep and wakes right back up:
    1. Something else is waking up the unit - unplug all USB devices with the unit on (except the IR receiver) and try to power off. If that works, add back other USB devices 1 by 1 (starting Keyboard, then mouse...) till you find the device waking up your machine.
      • My wireless Keyboard/Mouse was the cause, turning on the +5VSB power solved this.
    2. Remove any extra PCI cards, add back 1 at a time
  • Keyboard or mouse movement wakes up PC - Double check step 4 above
  • Other devices are waking up system - check settings similar to step 4 above
  • On resume the system asks for password - Check screen saver settings make sure 'On Resume, Password Protect' is not checked
  • On resume I get a black screen - I've seen something about a patch for this, I think it was ATI related
  • On resume, my machine blue screens - you've got a bad driver... I had to re-build from scratch
  • On resume, my machien reboots - It's probaly blue screen with auto recover - re-build, add 1 driver at a time. start with Video card.

Hope that helps you.



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