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In this section the user can control the different aspects of the TV server's streaming capability. The MediaPortal TV server allows streaming of the tv content over a tcp network with the streaming protocol RTSP. This works in wired and wireless (WLAN) networks, but wired is prefered because the network quality is much better and therefore the stream will not get corrupted by lost data packets which are quite common in WLAN's.



If your PC has multiple network interfaces, an firewireport or other harware which adds itself as a network interface to the system, then you should check the "IP address used by the server for RTSP streaming" option to ensure that the correct network interface is selected. If you have the wrong one configured, then no client in our LAN will be able to connect to the TV-Server and the RTSP Streams it creates.

You can also choose the port that should be used for streaming the rtsp content over the network (Default: 554). Keep in mind that if you change this setting you need to also adapt all your clients and possibly the firewall accordingly.



Selecting an entry will give you the ability to stop client from receiving the stream. This can be completed by clicking the kick button at the bottom of the page or right clicking and selecting "kick".


This displays the name of the stream that the client has connected to. This can be useful if testing is required and alternate connection via VLC is required. (example - rtsp://mytvserverip/stream2.0 could be used in the url of VLC to display the current active stream pictured in the above image)

IP Address

This displays the IP address of the client that is connected to the stream.


Displays if the stream is active or not.

Connected Since

Displays when this client started receiving the stream.


Displays the current Title for the stream. For Live TV it is the Channel name. For Recorded TV, it will show the title of the recorded program.



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