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TV Movie ClickFinder is a reliable and feature rich application supplying you with EPG data for german TV channels. The ClickFinder Plugin maps this data to your MediaPortal TV channels.


  • MediaPortal and the TV server are installed.
  • A constant Internet connection to receive EPG updates.

Installation of TV Movie ClickFinder

Download the latest version of TV Movie ClickFinder from the and start the installation by running setup.exe.

On Windows 7 OS, don't install Tv Movie Clickfinder in your ProgramFiles folder, that causes UAC problems. For example, install the software under C:\TvMovie\.

The free version of TV Movie ClickFinder gives you 8 TV channels. The premium version (12,99€ / year) has amongst others the following advantages:

  • up to 170 TV channels
  • full EPG data for the next two weeks

Configuration of TV Movie ClickFinder

  • If you decided to go for the premium version you have to activate your account.
    • Open Datei/Freischalten, click Weiter, Benutzerkonto nutzen and enter your username and password.
    • Under Datei/Einstellungen/Senderauswahl you can now extend the list of TV channels to your needs.
  • To get your first EPG entries just click on Datei/TV-Datenupdate.
  • To make the application update your EPG data continuously and in the background configure it under Datei/Einstellungen/TV-Update as follows:

Make sure that the TV Timer application is set to start with Windows (this is the default setting). Otherwise you won't get further EPG updates.

Plugin Configuration for TV-Server

Note: This section applies to you if you did install the TV server along with MediaPortal.

  • Enter the TV Server Management Console.
  • Navigate to the plugins section and activate the TV Movie ClickFinder plugin:

  • Enter the plugin configuration and activate Enable import from TV Movie database.

  • You can configure some settings in the Import options

  • In the Map channels tab you can now map the TV Movie channels to your MediaPortal channels.
  • To do so click on the left list a MediaPortal channel and perform a double click on the according channel in the right list. The result should look like this:

  • After having mapped all of your channels switch back to the Settings tab and click Import now.
  • Configuration is now finished, (re)start MediaPortal and enjoy.

Known Problems / Troubleshooting

  • None so far.



Discussion / Support

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