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How to test My Films features and join the Test Team

Testing My Films

Test releases will be posted on Google code, with a notice in the My Films Testing Forum thread.  Anyone is free to test, at their own risk, but in general  test releases are NOT recommended for normal use.

The main purpose of testing is, of course, to ensure that any public release is as bug free as possible.

Anyone is welcome to apply to become an 'official' My Films tester. Testers receive additional notifications and information about test releases, the test process, as well as some perks or advantages.

Test mode

As of v 6.0.3 a new button is available in MyFilms Setup to enable Test Mode, which unlocks the features for the next release which are ready for testing. See the Whats New wiki page for the next release for details about the upcoming features.

Join the My Films Test Team

To join the My Films test team as an 'official' tester, just send a private message via the forums to either Dadeo or Guzzi.Approval will be based on your previous reports/testing in the My Films forum, and the Issue Tracker.

Testers Responsibilities

Testers should be familiar with the logs required and process for reporting bugs and requesting new features as outlined on the Support Wiki page.

  1. Use Cases - Document your system/use cases on the Testers Wiki page to identify the features you can test and keep it updated if your system/use cases change.
  2. Bug Fixes/Features:
    1. Test all changes/new features that apply to your use case
    2. Provide feedback either in the My Films forum for discussion, or in the Issue Tracker when bug/feature has been confirmed
    3. Verify any issues you can in the Issue Tracker that relate to your setup.  Testers will be listed on the Google Code site with permissions to Edit/Verify Issues.  All issues should be verified before a public release.
      Note: See below for tips on using the My Films Issue Tracker
  3. Acceptance testing:
    1. Ensure that basic functionality is still working before any public release of MF, and that existing features are not broken by any of the changes or new features.  Basically this is a pre-test of a final release.
  4. Review Documentation of changes/new features:
    1. Review the Wiki documentation for changes/features to ensure it accurately describes them (and
    2. Assist in improving the Wiki docs if necessary. 
    3. All changes should be documented correctly before acceptance testing so it should be clear how to use them and the expected behaviour.
    4. The Issue Tracker now provides a Docs column which displays which issues require documentation and which are completed. When documentation is completed, a link to the related Wiki page(s) will be added to the issue.
    5. Testers should subscribe to page notifications of all My Films WIki pages to receive emails when any Wiki pages are updated/added.


What are the advantages to helping test My Films:

  1. Ensure My Films always works well for your use case!
  2. Get an inside track on feature requests - testers requests get priority
  3. Get to know the new features more thoroughly since testers are involved in testing and feedback during development
  4. Direct input into development of new features and the UI
  5. Most of all, the chance to help support and continue the success and development of My Films!

Tips on Using My Films Issue Tracker

If you are not familiar with Google Code Issue Tracker, you can see the Google Code Issue Tracker Wiki.

For My FIlms there are two important features or tips for testers:

  1. Verify issues - simply change the status of an issue to Verified once you have confirmed it is working. Ideally add a post about what you have tested or how and any comments or suggestions you may have.
  2. Search/Sort Issues - you may sort issues easily by any column in the Issue Tracker, however it is often much more effect to search issues and display only the issues you wish. For example search:
    1. 'All Issues' for 'Milestone=6.0.0' to view the issues for 6.0.0 release
    2. 'Issues to Verify' for 'Milestone=6.0.0' to view the issues not yet verified for the 6.0.0 release
    3. 'All Issues' for 'Component=Grabber Milestone=6.0.0 ' to view the issues related to the Grabber Engine/Interface for 6.0.0 release

Note:  The default setting for Search is for Open Issues. An issue is closed as soon as it is marked fixed, so to view relevant issues for testing you usually need to search All Issues or Issues to Verify.





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