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Titan is the new HD skin for MediaPortal 1.3.0. The Titan Extended pack offers additional features and support for even more plugins.


The new HD (1920x1080) Titan skin included in MediaPortal 1.3.0 offers a stunning design with full screen fanart, horizontal icon based Basic Home menu and various layout options.


Install Titan Extended!

As of v 1.3.0 beta, you also have the option to install Titan Extended during the installation of MediaPortal.

Titan extended includes support for many popular plugins as well as the Titan Skin Updater plugin.

First you may choose Titan as the skin you wish to use when starting MediaPortal.


Next, regardless of which skin you choose, you have the option to download and install Titan Extended as one of the Recommended Extensions:

Extended Features

Titan Extended includes the Titan Skin Updater plugin which you can find and configure in MediaPortal Configuration under Plugins:

Extended Plugin Support

Titan provided with MediaPortal supports only the core features and plugins installed with MediaPortal. 

However, Titan Extended adds support for many of the highly popular extensions such as:

  • MP TV-Series
  • Moving Pictures
  • My Films
  • Online Videos
  • Fanart Handler
  • Latest Media Handler
  • Info Service (News feeds on Basic Home)
  • Extensions plugin (to install, update and even configure plugins within MedaiPortal)






Installer - Deploy Tool


1.3.0 beta

Titan Extended removed from DeployTool installer







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