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Adjust the window size and positions for MediaPortal display on your monitor or TV.


UI Calibration is only available via the Settings screen, not in the Configuration Tool.

Many video or graphics cards and TVs offer settings to adjust your screen size and position. However these settings can be very useful if you are using an older TV, CRT monitor or graphics card.

  1. Use the left right arrow keys to move the window left or right
  2. Use the up down arrow keys to move the window up or down
  3. Press Enter or OK to access the screen size
  4. Now you can use the arrow keys to adjust the width and height of the window

Note: UI Calibration (and Screen Calibration) settings are saved in a file ScreenCalibration1280x720.xml (where 1280x720 is the current screen resolution) in your MediaPortal User Data folder (usually ...\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal on Windows 7). There is a different settings file for each screen resolution you used when you set your settings. You may delete the file to restore default settings.




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