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How to configure settings for the Weather plugin

Important Notice

In 2011, "The Weather Channel" discontinued its free API, so the built-in Weather plugin/feature provided with MediaPortal up to and including version 1.2.3, which used Weather Channel data, no longer works. 

Many Weather plugins were soon developed and offered by community developers as an extension to MediaPortal.  World Weather quickly became the most popular, especially as it offered a variety of weather providers, to ensure it could continue to work in future, even if some providers discontinued access to there API as The Weather Channel did.

In 2012, a poll showed almost 70% of users would like basic Weather features included in MediaPortal. As a result, Micropolis, the developer of the  World Weather plugin, offered to develop a simplified version of his plugin for inclusion in MediaPortal:World Weather Lite[ |World_Weather_Lite_(WWL)] (WWL).

It is now planned to include WWL in the MediaPortal client installer.  Until then you can download the plugin installer yourself from the Plugins library.

Many skins have already implemented support for either the World Weather plugin, the World Weather Lite[ |World_Weather_Lite_(WWL)] plugin, or both.

Weather Settings

To configure the settings for using the World Weather Lite[ |World_Weather_Lite_(WWL)] plugin in MediaPortal, see the [ World Weather Lite|World Weather Lite (WWL)] > Configuration



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