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WifiRemote is a process plugin for the popular opensource mediacenter software "".

It publishes a Bonjour Service on your local network which allows clients (for example an iPhone or Android app) to list all found MediaPortalMediaPortal installations and connect to it.

Those clients can then send commands like up, down, ok, play, pause and so on to the plugin which relays them to MediaPortal - effectively enabling any kind of device on the network to be used as a remote control (requires a client app for the device). In addition, a connected client receives information about the current state of MediaPortal.

Using WifiRemote

If you are a developer and want to use WifiRemote for your application, you can find a list of all supported commands (client -> htpc) here and a list of all messages (htpc -> client) here.

Apps that are using WifiRemote

  • CouchPotato
  • aMPdroid
  • MediaPortal iViewer

Project status

This extension is hosted at Google code . More information can be found at the wifiremote project page. Latest project updates: * * * * *


WifiRemoteRevision 218: Increased server version to 13Revision 217: - Added ViewType property to FacadeInfo message - Sending FacadeInfo message to Revision 216: Merged changes from trunkRevision 215: Some more demo client featuresRevision 214: whitespace fix? uses the following libraries:

Huge thanks go to for his , an advanced web based remote control and even streaming client. I ended up rewriting and using a lot more code from his MPClientController plugin than I thought possible when starting this project. Thanks!



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