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Table of Contents
Emulators need to be added on each client where the plugin will be used. 

If you are adding a libretro core see Adding Libretro Cores.

How to add Emulators

The start page offers a list of all emulators added. You may add and remove emulators from the left menu.

Select Add Emulator to start configuring a new emulator.

Specify System

You then need to specify the type of system you want to add.

For standalone emulators select Emulator, for Libretro cores select Libretro, if you are adding PC games you should select Native (some of the screens below are not available if Native is selected)..

Click Continue to proceed.

Choose Path

Choose the path to the emulator's executable file.

If the executable was recognised then some of the following settings will be automatically set for you.

Choose Name

Enter a display name for the emulator.

This name is currently only shown in the emulator configuration overview screen.

Choose Platform

Choose the platforms that this emulator supports, you must select at least one platform.

The platforms are used when searching for online information and to decide which emulator to use when a game is selected.

File Extensions

Edit the file extensions that the emulator supports. You can add and remove extensions using the Add and Remove buttons in the bottom right of the screen.

Only files with these extensions in the game directory will be imported, all other files will be ignored. If you don't specify any extensions all files will be imported.

Edit Arguments

Edit the arguments to pass to the emulator when starting a game.

If this is left blank or no path wildcards are included, the game's path will be added to the end of the arguments.

There are various wildcards available to use in the arguments, these can be selected by pressing the _Insert Wildcard _button.

Some emulators (e.g. Project64 v1.6 or below) do not like it if the game path is surrounded with quotes. If this is the case deselect the Surround paths with quotes checkbox.

Click Finish to save and complete the configuration



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