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IMPORTANT: Before adding games you need to add some emulators.

If you are adding PC games please read Adding PC Games before continuing..

Games are added the same way as other media in MediaPortal 2, by adding Media Sources, however you need to ensure that you select the appropriate media categories.

The media categories available depend on the platforms of any configured emulators, which is why it is important to add emulators first.

Selecting Media Categories

When selecting media categories you should select 1 (and only 1) 'platform' category, these are any of the subcategories of the Game category, except GoodMerge.

If your games are GoodMerge games you should select the GoodMerge category and a platform category (see GoodMerge Games for more information).

The plugin uses the media categories to decide which emulator to use and to lookup online information for games. If more than one platform is selected here only the first will be used.

The screen below shows the media category selection for a folder containing PlayStation games.



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