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File conventions

MediaPortal 2 uses file tag information to recognize audio data and download associated fanart and details about artists and composers. The quality of downloaded online information is subject to correct tagging of your audio files.

Since MP2.2 it is also possible to place FanArt and nfo files into album folders.

External preparation tools

Following tools are recommended to prepare your media items in advance and ensure 100% recognition and full FanArt experience.



  • Undefined
  • Album
  • Artist
  • Composer
  • MusicLabel


  • Banner              
  • ClearArt
  • DiscArt
  • FanArt
  • Logo
  • Poster
  • Cover
  • Thumbnail

File name convention

There are different possibilities to name your images, so the MP2 imported will recognize them.

  • {Name}-{FanArtType}.jpg/png
  • {FanArtType}.jpg/png



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