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MediaPortal 2 can detect your media items and import them into its own data base. The importer can recognize media items already from their file and folder name. Anyhow it is important to prepare media items well to ensure, that everything is perfectly recognized.

Correction of wrongly imported media items

In case of trouble there is still the possibility to use the "reimport" function from library view in MP2 client to correct wrongly detected media items afterwords.

Symbolic Links

If you use symbolic links to collect media from different disks in one place and you've encounter issues with importing them into the MP2 media library you probably need to allow "remote to remote symlinks". This is default set to "not allowed" in newer Windows 10 releases. To allow symbolic links to be recognized even on network shares you need to run one time an one line command in a shell (cli) with Admin rights. Easiest is to right click on the windows (aka start) button and select "Windows Powershell (Administrator)". Probably you need to enter your admin password before you can start the one line command. As soon as the prompt is displayed in the PowerShell window you can type the following:

fsutil behavior set SymlinkEvaluation R2R:1

You may copy & paste this command from here. Then hit enter and now your symbolic links should work as expected again.


See Settings section Media library 



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