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MediaPortal 2 can detect your media items and import them into its own data base. The importer will automatically recognize media items by their file and folder names. It is recommended to prepare media items well to ensure that everything is perfectly recognized.

Manual correction of imports

If the automatic import was not successful, e.g. because there was more than one hit, you can use the "reimport" function from the media item's context menu. A new search is then triggered and you can then chose from the different options to assign the correct media information afterwords.

Symbolic links allow to gather media from different locations and display them in one place.

If this feature is not working in MP2, it is likely that your Windows system is not adequately configured yet to enable "remote to remote symlinks".  A standard Windows 10 installation defaults to "Not allowed" and you will need to activate this first:

  • Open an administrative command window or use PowerShell (easily accessible by right-clicking on the Windows Start button and selecting "Windows PowerShell (Administrator)"
  • In the newly opened window type  fsutil behavior set SymlinkEvaluation R2R:1 

Then hit enter and your symbolic links should work as expected.


See Settings section Media library 



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