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File name conventions

The MediaPortal 2 importer primarily uses the file name for automatic recognition and matching of online information. Therefore media items are best named according to the following scheme:

Movies should be named in the format

Movie name (Year).xxx

where "Year" is the release year as per the movie database  This naming ensures that the file name is unique and unambiguous most of the times.


The Dark Knight Rises (2012).mkv

 If you want to be absolutely sure you best add the IMDB-ID (aka tt-number) to the file name. This definitely is unique. There are (very rare but existing) cases where two (or even more) movies have the same title and are released in the same year. 


The Dark Knight Rises [tt1345836].mkv

The importer will recognize the standard file extensions as well as ISO and zip formats and automatically import data into the database. See the Import settings on how to set up the system to read NFO data instead.

External preparation tools

Following tools are recommended to prepare your media items in advance and ensure 100% recognition and full FanArt experience.



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File name convention

There are different possibilities to name your images, so the MP2 imported will recognize them.

  • {Name}-{FanArtType}.jpg/png
  • {FanArtType}.jpg/png


Deadpool 2 (2018) h264-1080p DTSHD-ES-7ch-banner.jpg OR banner.jpg



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